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Information can either power your workforce or paralyze it

Smartsnips: enabling crowd-filtering of the actionable 2% so employees can work smarter & execute better


Learn how more than 500 companies are using Smartsnips today

PROBLEM: employees are managing actionable information the same way they did in the 1980s


Signs the actionable 2% is inaccessible to your employees


  • Takes too long to get up to speed
  • Blind to what others know
  • Expertise level below what it could/should be
  • Frustrated with their own development
  • Can't make confident decisions
  • Difficulty keeping up with a changing world
  • Disengagement


  • Sales: clients don’t see reps as knowledgeable
  • Support: lack answers, frustrate customers
  • Marketing: lack evidence behind initiatives
  • Product: miss the market, needs & trends
  • R&D: can’t leverage research & knowledge of others
  • Compliance/legal: lacking transparency & crucial facts
  • Executive: indecision or bad decisions

SOLUTION: systematic crowd-filtering of the actionable 2% by your existing employees using your existing systems


Smartsnips slash information quantity by 98% with zero loss of context


think of smartsnips like...

  • Needles from the haystack
  • Nuggets from the goldmine
  • Atomic units of learning
  • Spark Notes for everything
  • Digital brain cells

The lean way to work with information

Documents and web pages are containers of information, only a small part of which is relevant to employees and their context (we estimate 2%). Smartsnips are knowledge-capture objects that are easily created from Smartsnip-enabled document viewers.  They capture the content, context and employee knowledge in a lightweight, social and mobile-friendly package.

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What if our employees could access the actionable 2%?

What if every employee could access the expertise of our smartest employees?




50X smaller, faster and more relevant than whole documents or un-filtered web content



To the right is an illustration of how Smartsnips can create a 98% reduction in the size/quantity of information.

Re-access Time

Smartsnips take seconds to re-access and consume compared to whole documents that can take minutes - hours to re-find and re-read.


information Relevancy

When employees filter content, they apply their pre-existing knowledge and work context to isolate the most relevant parts.



Smartsnips plug into your existing systems so your employees can capture what they are learning at the time and place of thought formation.  As they read, think and collaborate, they can easily grab what's important in Smartsnips, which permanently capture it for later use and sharing with others.  Your Smartsnips Cloud provides your employees fingertip access to everything they and their colleagues have learned from the content they have consumed.  By seamlessly embedding within your existing systems and workflows, Smartsnips can become a natural, intuitive part of everyday work processes, amplifying employee expertise and productivity.

Estimated cost-savings for the average Fortune 500

Sources: McKinsey Global Institute 2012; ATD 2014 State of the Industry report


The inaccessibility of actionable information will always increase risk, create inefficiency and compromise performance

Addressing Top Leadership Priorities

Data Mining

Employees data mine daily as they consume content.  Today, they capture this output in sticky notes or between their ears.  Employees are the most powerful big-data generators we have and Smartsnips unlock this value.


Memorizing everything is an ineffective and burdensome way to build team knowledge and expertise, particularly when they forget 90% within 30 days.  Smartsnips relieve your employees of this memorization burden, and amplify their abilities to acquire & apply expertise.

Employee Engagement

Information overload is a primary cause of employee disengagement and the load is only going up.  Smartsnips provide a much more efficient and sensible way of working with information by directly capturing and managing the actionable 2%.

working lean

Lean has transformed manufacturing productivity and is now the predominant process management methodology for services organizations.  Storing and sharing whole documents and web pages, when only 2% is relevant and actionable, is the opposite of lean.

Millennial Expectations

By 2020 Millennials will make up half the workforce.  In their consumer life, they prefer systems like Twitter and Pinterest, condensed forms of information they can consume fast.  Smartsnips apply this same concept to the world of business content.

Social and Mobile

Half the devices on corporate networks are now mobile, and social networks are how Millennials prefer to communicate, collaborate and work.  Whole documents are too big and bulky within these environments, whereas Smartsnips are just right.


Smartsnips accounts are distributed through Human Capital Management system providers and their implementation partners. 


Tribridge has integrated Smartsnips into Cornerstone Connect, with other integrations coming soon.

500 companies have created and consumed over 200,000 Smartsnips.