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Imagine if all your employees were experts?

That's the future -- will your workforce make it there?


Our Mission: future-proof the workforce

We now live in a knowledge-driven economy. To remain competitive in the future, the workforce must become more efficient and effective at converting raw information to actionable information. That’s not going to happen as long as we continue using 1980’s methods to process information – e.g. attempting to memorize it or leaving it pigeon-holed in documents buried deep in folder systems. We need to get better at using information to learn, think, transfer knowledge, form conclusions and make business decisions.  Read our full mission statement here.

Future workers: how they add value going forward


There are five key characteristics of workers who will survive and thrive in the future. They all:

  1. Are experts.  Non-experts will get automated or outsourced.  Those with strong critical thinking and problem solving skills will thrive.
  2. Work with the actionable 2%.  The overloaded and overwhelmed won’t be able to keep up or add value.  Focusing on what matters is crucial.
  3. Have a pocket brain.  Nobody can hold everything they need to know in their head.  With a pocket brain they won’t have to.
  4. Are networked to other experts.  The expertise of a single person is very limited. All will be required to leverage the wisdom of their network.
  5. Are instrumented.  Gone are the days when knowledge workers were an intellectual black-box.  Transparency will reign and value will be determined by what employees know, contribute and apply.


Key blocker: the core learning and knowledge-sharing cycle is broken

The worker of the future will be a self-learning, high-performing critical thinker and problem solver who builds their own base of knowledge and can access and leverage the knowledge of others quickly and efficiently. This is only possible within organizations who fix the broken cycle by proactively moving from the as-is to the to-be below:


How curated insightsTM fix the broken cycle and drive worker success

Insights are what people learn from content as they consume it.  Out of all the information employees are bombarded with on a daily basis, they represent the actionable take-aways – the things employees learn and need to use, apply & share to get stuff done. The question today is: where the heck are they?  

Insight Curation answers this question, fixes the broken learning cycle and drives execution of all five future worker characteristics from above.


Our innovation

We are the world’s experts on curated insightsTM. We own the thought-leadership, created the data structures, invented the patents, built the technology platform and developed a rapid implementation process that explicitly arms employees with the insights they need to excel as experts.


Curated insights need to be small so they are fast-to-consume, yet also instantly verifiable against underlying source content so they are trusted, credible knowledge objects with long-term business value.  They also needed to be modular, embeddable in content, mobile and trackable.  Our Smartsnips and Hyperpoints data structures employ unique multi-layer data structures with vertical hyperlinks to meet these requirements and make insight curation and networking possible.


Related to these new data structures, an effective insight curation and networking system requires new innovations in: user rights, copyright protection, assessing quality, ordering search results and using curated insights to crowd-train cognitive systems and map organizational expertise (to name a few). We have been granted four (4) patents to date, with six (6) more pending, covering the key innovations that make insight curation and networking possible.


We learned early on that insight curation and networking would not be properly accomplished with a destination application.  Employees form insights wherever they consume content, and have a need for insights wherever they execute business processes.  This called for a platform that can plug into existing systems and workflows, and that is exactly what we have built.


Implementing insight curation goes beyond implementing a software system.  It is a new layer of enterprise information.  A fundamentally better way of working with information.  An extension of employee’s brains and part of their credentials.  A thought-processing and critical thinking system.  It is necessary infrastructure for the modern workforce. 


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