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What You Need to Know About the Modern Worker Before Inking Your Sustainability Strategy

If you are responsible for developing your business's sustainability strategy and optimizing the performance of people to implement it effectively, then you are paying attention to the enormous impact of automation in workplace. Machines and cognitive systems are already changing how AND how well strategies are implemented and work gets done.

Based on trending and recent research from Deloitte, Department of US Labor, IBM, Laci Loew & Company LLC, McKinsey, and others, today’s business strategies and performance rely on the relentless and accelerated pursuit to build experts in each of your employees. Top performing organizations are committed to augmenting human intelligence to synthesize information so they become experts faster while channeling their energy on critical thinking and problem solving so they remain relevant in your workforce.

 Join this virtual, TED-style 18-minute conversation during which Bob Danna and Laci Loew -- 30+ year human capital thought leaders -- offer insights on five modern workforce trends and how those trends are shifting your workers from information users to insights experts, and finally how insights experts are a critical ingredient for a compelling sustainability strategy.