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Consumable snips of content integrated into your app.

Pandexio is living index of everything you have read - organized so you can find it.

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You should forget 98% of what you read.

The flood of Information you need to process every day is getting out of hand. But out of all the things we read, only about 2% is truly important. The rest is noise that bogs us down and clouds our vision. Being able to remember the 2% is key to business success – whether you’re researching, building a case, or preparing a report or presentation.   Pandexio is your own personal index - where you can quickly find the 2% that you need to succeed.


How it works

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Upload or bookmark

Human memory isn’t evolving at the same rate as information delivery. Pandexio is made for today’s electronic information deluge. To add what you’ve read to your personal index, simply drag documents from your desktop, or bookmark web pages with a browser bookmarklet. Your documents are stored in “the cloud” and accessible from anywhere. 


Snip & annotate


More powerful than using a highlighter to mark passages on paper documents, in Pandexio you use your mouse to “Snip” what’s important. The Snip's reference to the source is always maintained, making footnotes a snap. Then, you can add notes and organize your thoughts - and find them at any time. Your snips and notes are the important 2% you need to succeed.

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Share, collaborate, create

Find facts, ideas and insights fast in Pandexio. Share them with colleagues at any time and ask for their notes and comments to gather the collective intelligence of your team. Assemble documents, snips and notes into points or conclusions and use them for meetings or to create outlines and footnotes for briefs, research papers, reports and presentations.

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Pandexio is still in development but will be ready for use shortly – we’re almost there. To be one of the first people to get access (for free!) give us your email address and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re open for business.